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History of the Nasa Wing:
Engineer Francis Rogallo developed for the Apollo space project a remparachute. 
The Nasa-Wing is a development of this remparachute. Rogallo was commissioned by NASA for designing several kites, which have formed an important basis for the development of the current hang gliders, parakites and sport kites.

Flight characteristics of the Nasa Wing:
Although the Nasa-Wing is supplied standard as 2-line kite, the design is very simple to build to a 4-line kite for the larger kites. The larger sizes are available in a 4-line version. The 4-line version is easier to control, you can trim the kite to the wind. This allows you to arrange the pull of the kite.
The well thought-out design of the Nasa offers the largest pull a m², of all the power kites today. The slow flight of the Nasa makes him an ideal powerkite, and suitable for powerkiting / buggykiting / snow/landboarding. The Nasawing has a pull in abundance, regardless of its orientation in the wind window (flight zone of the kite). 
Starting is easy, put the Nasawing flat on his back and pull the lines slowly. The Nasa will bolt on by the wind and is ready for the start. A short  pull is enough for the Nasa to go in the air.

Control: Wristband
The 2-line Nasa Wing powerkite is also easy to control with the supplied wristband. In short: a great power kite, buggy kite, land/snowboard kite for anyone who wants to put the first steps in the power kite sport.

The Nasa-Wing 80, 120 versions are 2-line Fun kites, 150 and 170 are a ideal Fun-quads, the larger Nasa-Wings are real pure pull kites.
The Nasawing9 Depower is suitable to fly with 3 lines and controlbar. You can find the technical data by the product.

Delivery/contents: Nasa Wing + Wristbands - Nasa Wing kite, Wristbands, kite lines, kite bag and manual.

available as:  
-  Kite only - Nasa Wing kite, kite bag and manual 

-  Ready to fly - Nasa Wing kite, including Wristbands, kite lines, kite bag and manual.
-  Ready to fly - Nasa Wing kite, including 2-line Controlbar, kite lines, kite bag and manual.
-  Ready to fly - Nasa Wing kite, including Trainerbar, kite lines, kite bag and manual.
-  Ready to fly - Nasa Wing kite, including Quad handles, kite lines, kite bag and manual.

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