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Control: 3-Line Controlbar

Quality Trainer Powerkites

The 3-line powerkite is the ideal trainer kite for kiting with a control bar. The third line is for the safety. Restart from the ground makes this very easy. If you lose control, pull on the third line and the kite will loose its power.A kite with advantage and possibilities for a lot of kite fun.

NasaWing9 Depower
Nasa Wing9 Depower can be controlled with a trainer bar with safety, or a NasaBar. This NasaWing has a third line for safety and to depower the kite, or slow down, for less power. The third line makes it easy to restart the NasaWing9 from the ground. Very suitable for powerkiting, snowkiting or landboarding. Performed with adjustable bridles.
Flight characteristics of the Nasa Wing:
The well thought-out design of the Nasa offers the largest pull a m², of all the power kites today. The slow flight of the Nasa makes him an ideal powerkite, and suitable for powerkiting / buggykiting / snow/land boarding. The Nasawing has a pull in abundance, regardless of its orientation in the wind window (flight zone of the kite). 
Starting is easy, put the Nasawing flat on his back and pull the bar slowly. The Nasa will bolt on by the wind and is ready for the start. A short pull is enough for the Nasa to go in the air.

Sigma Race
The Sigma Race of Elliot is the ideal entry-level model to get the hang for kiting with a controlbar. By stable friendly characteristic together with the constant pull, this mat is easy to keep under control. With the third line it is possible to restart the kite from the ground. If the controlbar slips out of your hands for any reason, the Safety System ensures that the kite loses its strength.
This is a kite with many possibilities, to which you will enjoy many kite fun.
Product features:
Control: with the 3-line Controlbar is the kite is easy to control and get the hang of kiting fun.
Stability: stability of the Sigma Race is excellent.
Speed: by the special form the Sigma Race is a lightning-fast kite.
Restart: with the 3-line Controlbar the kite is easy to restart. 
Sizes: Available in 3 sizes 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0.
Delivery: Kite R2F comes in a luxury shoulder bag including manual, kite lines and controlbar.

Paraflex Trainerkite
The Paraflex Trainer kite from Wolkensturmer is a great starter to master kite flying with a control bar. Stable flight ratios along with the constant tractive effort make it easy to keep this powerkite under control. Restarting from the ground is possible.
If for any reason the control bar slips out of your hands, the Safety System ensures that the kite loses its power.


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