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Controlbar - Suitable for 2 Line control. With side winders to wind up kite lines.
This very comfortable 2-line control bar can be used to control your 2-line sports kite or 2-line foil kite. Width Controlbar: 56 cm
Trainerbar - Suitable for 3 or 4 Line control incl.Safety system
Control Bar suitable for controlling your 3- or 4-line mattress. With this Trainerbar a 4-line power kite functions as a 3-liner. Practical and comfortable to control your 3 or 4-line mattress. With safety system for safety. Equipped with side winders to wind up your kite lines. Width Trainer bar: 58 cm
Nasa Bar - R2F - (specially designed for the NasaWing9 Depower) The three-line Nasa Bar with safety for the NasaWing9 has two control lines and a depower line / safetyl line. Width of the Nasa Bar is 50cm. The chickenloop obviously also has a safety, with a single movement you disconnect yourself from the NasaWing9 in a panic situation. The Dyneema lines are pre-stretched, the loops at the ends are shielded and coded in three colors, making mistakes is no longer possible. Nasa bar has a clear manual Complete with 3 x 20 meter kite lines
Twinskin Controlbar - (Depower). This bar is the perfect tool (Tool) for your kite The progressive design of the bar system clearly illustrates the focus on the right elements, namely the detailed attention to quality and safety. Whatever Tube Kite you have, you can use the Twinskin Controlbar for a large range of Depower Kites. Features are a single-by-line safety, the depower equipment is easy to operate. The Twinskin bar has been adapted to the requirements of the kiter. The Twinskin bar has a clear manual.

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  • 2- Line Control Bar
    2- Line Control Bar
    € 16,95
  • 2- Line Control bar - red/blue/black
    2- Line Control bar - red/blue/black
    € 19,50
  • Trainer Bar / 3-4 line  powerkite
    Trainer Bar / 3-4 line powerkite
    € 26,50
  • Cross-Over Bar 4-line
    Cross-Over Bar 4-line
    € 49,95
  • out of stock

    Quad Bar 60cm 4-line
    Quad Bar 60cm 4-line
    € 84,95
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