Fight kiting

Single Line Kite / Fight Kite
Level: Beginner - Advanced- Expert
Control: D-Reel
Kite line: Polyester

Quality Fight Kite

Fight kiting is an art in itself. It's imporant to setup the bridle in the right position. As the wind gets grip on the kite the kite will take its natural V-shape. Step forwards and leaf the kiteline slack. Now the kite will take its flat shape again. The kite loses its V-shape and its stability. With the result that the kite loses height and will go down, if the kite points the nose up again, pull on the kite line. The kite takes the V-shape again and continues the flight up. The rules of fightkiting vary from country to country depending on the orgin of the kite. 

The main objective is to cut trough the kiteline from your opponent. Build your fight kite, see Re-Creatief

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