Rookee R2F + Quad Handles

Powerkite 4-Line / Top Entry Level
Level: Beginner - Advanced

Control: Quad Handles
High Speed - Power - Stable
Quality Powerkite / 

The new Rookee is available and has a fantastic look! The kite is built on the basis of the Cooper Nexxt ONE.
It fits perfect in the Cooperline and is the perfect kite and very suitable to learn the kite sport. Also for buggy kiting, land boarding en power kiting.
The Rookee is made of new top grade quality materials. A perfect kite for the starter, but also for the professional because of the friendly properties. 
Control: The 4-line powerkite can be controlled with the included quad handles. The kite lines are the link between the pilot and the kite. These lines are wound on a winder, the lines on top of the winder are the power lines and should be attached to the top of the handles, with a lark's head knot. The other end of the lines is attached to the main bridle of the Rookee. The thinner lines are the brake lines and are attached to the bottom of the quad handles with a lark's head knot, the other end of the line is attached to brake bridle of the kite. By combining pulling and tilting, the Rookee is easy to control and flies it in all desired directions. If the Rookee is crashed and in a wrong position, you can start the kite backwards. To do this, pull the brake lines. In short, a great Buggy, Snow and Landboard kite for anyone who wants to take the first steps in the power kite sport.

Produces with high quality materials.
Material:  38 gr. 6.6 Nylon hightec
Profile: RRS 60 D with met solid Crossports
Bridle: Dyneema, Tecnora
Suitable for beginner and profesional
Equipped with: Puff Out and Dirt Out system

Flight characteristics of the Cooper Rookee: This kite has been designed to generate great traction power. The simple control and stable flight behavior are the characteristics for the Rookee.
Level: for beginner and professional.

Suitable:The Cooper Rookee is suitable for power kiting, buggy kiting, land boarding.
Control:  Quad handles 

Delivery/contents: Rookee + Quad Handles -  Rookee kite, kitebag, Quad handles, kite lines and manual.

available as:  
-  Rookee Kite only - Rookee kite, kite bag and manual 
-  Rookee + Quad Handles - Rookee kite, including Quad handles, kite lines, kitebag and manual.
-  Rooke + Trainerbar - Rookee kite, including Trainerbar, kite lines, kitebag and manual.

-  Rooke + Cross Over Bar - Rookee kite, including Cross Over Bar, kite lines, kitebag and manual.

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  • Rookee 1.5 Blue/White/Black R2F
    Rookee 1.5 Blue/White/Black R2F
    € 206,50
  • Rookee 1.5 Kiwi/White/Black R2F
    Rookee 1.5 Kiwi/White/Black R2F
    € 206,50
  • New color

    Rookee 2.0 Kiwi/White/Blue R2F
    Rookee 2.0 Kiwi/White/Blue R2F
    € 223,50
  • Rookee 5.0 Blue/Kiwi R2F
    Rookee 5.0 Blue/Kiwi R2F
    € 299,50
  • Rookee 5.0 Blue/White/Black R2F
    Rookee 5.0 Blue/White/Black R2F
    € 299,50
  • Rookee 5.0 Orange/White/Black R2F
    Rookee 5.0 Orange/White/Black R2F
    € 299,50
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