Powerkite 4-line

Entry level / Intermediate / Competition Powerkite
 Beginner - Advanced - Expert
Control: Quad Handles / Cross Over Bar

Quality Powerkites

Powerkites have 2 control lines and 2 break lines.That's why the power in the kite is better to dose. Restart from the ground is possible. Not only suitable for buggying and landboarding, but also for jumping and power kiting.

Available in the categories: entry level, intermedediate, competition and depowerkites
The kite sports is subject to extreme sports. Sure kiting with the larger kites is not without risk. Always keeps in mind the wind power if you're flying a kite. Do not take unnecessary risk. If in doubt about the size of a kite, please contact us and we can advise you.
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address: Buorren 28, 9038 TE Ingelum - The Netherlands

Entry Level Powerkite            Powerkite Competition

Entry level Kites:
Using 4 lines and quad handles, the kite reactseasily on the orders given by the pilot. The stability and moderate speed make kiting with a entry level kite very easy to keep control. The pull of the kite to dose. An ideal kite with many possibilities. The stable fly behavior makes this kite very popular for the advanced pilot.

Intermediate kite:
Intermediate kites generally have more length and more cells than the entry level kite. The intermediate is faster and has more power than a entry level. Also is the performance on the edges of the wind window better. Because of the many cells, this kite is more stable and less likely to lose its pressure. The intermediate class is for the pilot who expecte something more of his kite. Suitable for power kiting, flyboarding and buggy drive.

Competition Kites:
A competition kites kite has even pressure to build up from the start. 
Very good control impulses and the power of the kite is simple to dose. 
The power is huge in the power zone, especially for the larger sizes.

Depower Kites:
You can control DePower kites with a depower bar. A big advantage of the DePowerkite is that you can measure out the power of the kite with the controlbar. DePowerkites are very suitable for flyboarding/landboarding.​


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