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Control: Wristband - Power Grip - Controlbar
Level: Beginner advanced or professional 
Game or sport 
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2-line power kite
A 2-line power kite is a stunt kite without frame. The cells fill with air, making the kite its shape. 2-line power kites are great for the starter, but certainly not boring for the advanced. These kites, especially the larger sizes, can seriously drag you forward  across the beach, and are also suitable for jumping or fly-boarding. So certainly also recommended for experienced Kiters checked by their stability and flight behavior.
The smaller kites up to the 2.0 are ideal for the small powerkiter. There is a kite availeble for almost every age
3-line power kite
A 3-line power kite like the Sigma Race of Elliot is the ideal entry-level model to the kiting with a controlbar. By the stable friendly relations together with the constant pull it's easy for this kite to keep it under control. The third line makes it possible to restart from the ground. If the controlbar slips out of your hands for any reason, the Safety System ensures that the kite loses its strength.

4-line power kite
4-line power kites have 2 control lines and 2 brake lines, that's why the power in the kite is better to dose. Restart from the ground is possible. Not only suitable for buggy kiting and landboarden, but also for jumping and power kiting.

Available in the categories: starterintermedediate, competition en depowerkites

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