Art on a string / From decorative single line kites 
To extremely powerful kites / Game or sport
History or future
The kite wil continue fascinate us 
For more than 2400 Years fascinates the kite his "pilot"and spectators. The victory over gravity is the symbol of freedom and independence. The game between the kite and the wind is somghing unprecedented in aurodynamics. The kite is to old tradition stil a game and sports attribute, with unlimited possibilities. There are many types of kites, for young and old people. We have simple children's kites to professional contest kites. Let us inspire and inform you. 
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Powerkites 2-line  Powerkites 3-lines  Powerkites 4-lines  Depower kites  Stuntkites Starter 

Stuntkites Allround  Stunt Kites Trick  Stintkite Power  Single line kites  kites for kids

Categories kites:
Single line kites:
Kites for kids, for children form the age of 3 years, Single line kites large, Fight kites, box kites etc.
Sport stunt kites:
Kites with 2 lines, Starter, Allround, Trick and Power Kites usable for speed, power or tricks.
Power Kites:
Kites controlled with 2, 3 of 4 lines. 2-line powerkites, 3-line powerkites, 4-line powerkites and DePower kites. Less fragile then the stunt kites.

Kite Building:
With our product Re-creatief we offer the possibility to make your own kite.

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