Skipper R2F + trainerbar

Trainerkite / Powerkite 
Control: Trainerbar
Level: Starter - Advanced
Use: Powerkiting, buggykiting and land/snow boarding
High Quality trainer Powerkite

The Skipper is a solid trainer kite to quickly master the power kite sport.
Its maneuverability and power make the Skipper a sports equipment with enormous potential for lots of flying fun and training.
Great all-round power kite with very good flight characteristics.

Control: The 4-line trainer bar allows steering positions in many conditions, including at the edges of the wind window and when taking off backwards. As befits a trainer pilot, the Skipper is built solidly. To survive the rigors of everyday life, Spiderkites have given the Skipper a strong polyester sail and durable bridle lines. The dyneema flying lines provide a direct link between the kite and the pilot.
As extra safety, the kite killer helps you to remove pressure from the kite if you no longer have the kite under control.

Ready to fly, includingTrainerbar (Kite Killer) and kite lines.

Risks: Powerkiting falls under extreme sports. Kite flying with the fast/larger kites is certainly not without risk.
Always take the wind force into account when flying a kite. Don't take unnecessary risks.
The producer/manufacturer is never responsible for any damage caused of any kind.

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  • Skipper 1.8 R2F + trainerbar
    Skipper 1.8 R2F + trainerbar
    € 149,95
  • Skipper 2.5 R2F + trainerbar
    Skipper 2.5 R2F + trainerbar
    € 169,95
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