Stunt kite 2-line

Stunt kites / Starter - Allround - Trick - Speed - Power
Level: Beginner - Advanced - Expert 
Control: Wristbands - Power Grips - Controlbar

Quality Sport Stuntkites 

Speed or power? Training or fun? Big of small? competition or art? Storm or light breeze ?The variety of stunt kites is so great that everyone can find the right kite from child to bodybuilder and from beginner to professional.
Stunt kites are  divided in 4 categories:

Starter Stuntkite      Trick Stuntkite   Power Stuntkite

Starter kites:
Very suitable for the beginner, to master the kite flying.  
Allround kites:
Experience gained with kite flying? Then the all-rounder is the next step. Fast, manoeuvrable, stable and usually a bit more pulling power. 

Trick kites:
Are specially designed for air acrobatics. You can perform various tricks with it. These kites are relatively higher and have more depth. The greater the depth, the more precise the pilot's controls are. Because of the shape and the choice of materials, the trick kite goes up in the air with little wind.
Also suitable for team flying (possibly in a competition).
Due to the size, this kite develops a large pulling force. Do you have experience and do you like challenges? Then you can think of about power kite.

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