Single Line Kites

Several Single Line Kite - Large / Small 
Box Kites / Childeren kites / Fight Kites / Power Sleds etc.
Level: Beginner - Advanced - Expert
Control: D-Grip or Spool 
Kite Line: Polyester-dacron-dyneema
Quality Single Line kites
The single line kite has just 1 kiteline, as the name implies. Available in different categories.

Kites for kids: Nice kites, fun for kids from 5 years (My Kite, Kiddy), See page Kites for kids.
Fight Kites: with which you can fight by trying to catch each other's kite from the air, see page Fight Kites 
Box kites: Like the Cody, F-Box, Houterman's Box, The Box, Octagon Box and Roto, see page Single line kites 
Thermal kites: thermal kites (Maleier Kiddy).
Sled kites: Pocket Sleds (Kids), Parafoil (Kids) and for the advanced and professional the Power Sleds
Delta kites: From small to large for starter or professional. The perfect flying machine that is also suitable to hang on line decoration.
Eddy kites: For young and old, always works well.
3D-kites: Comming soon.
Special kites: Comming soon.

But there are also single-lineers suitable for aerial photography (Sanjo Rokkaku, Delta kites XL, Power Slee) and other special kites.
Click on a picture below for more information:

            Chinakite   Mini Pyro 1 lijns vlieger   kindervlieger H-kite   Kiddy eenlijns vlieger DFO   Genki eenlijner   My Kite eenlijns vlieger DFA   Cloud Runner 1 lijner DFO   Cloud Buddy eenlijner DFO   button 1-lijner-stowaway-kite.jpg               button 1-lijner-power-slee-cool.jpg   eenlijner-cloudrider.jpg   kite-bora.jpg      

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